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FREE DELIVERY possible on . Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. My Kia manual says to use SP III ATF for my Sportage. Need SP III compatible transmission fluid – DR1.

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It is thinner (less viscous) than all of the . My car uses SP III but, for the 1K service, the `geniuses` at the SC drained the ATF and filled it with Dexron III. Premium synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in vehicles with. Nissan Matic Fluid C, J. Mitsubishi Diamond SP – II , IIM, SP – III.

First off, let me preface this by saying if your Hyundai is still under warranty, it is best to stick with approved fluids. Millermatic ATF SP III -WS, A premium fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid formulated to meet the high performance levels required by Japanese and . El aceite ATF tipo “F” es especial para ciertas cajas automáticas de.

Aceite para transmisión automática. ENEOS ATF TYPE SP is an automatic transmission fluid formulated using select additive. This fluid was developed as an economical choice to meet ATF SP III. The following Nulon products are suitable for the specification SP – III. Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Free delivery on eligible orders. RAVENOL ATF MM SP – III Fluid is based on hydro cracking oils and PAO with special additives and inhibition to ensure the proper operation of the automatic . ATF replacement, the service manual specifies that DIA QUEEN ATF SP III is to be used when changing ATF, is there any . Kappa ATF SP III Asiatic Cars. For use in automatic transmission and power . Daihatsu AMMIX ATF D- II. Ford WSS M2C 138CJ, 166H.

Castrol ATF DEX II MULTIVEHICLE. Synthetic transmission flui specially engineered for MITSUBISHI four and five speed automatic transmissions. DEXRON-III or DEXRON-IV which are formulated with synthetic base stocks and. ATF SP-III can also be used in similar Hyundai .

Product Name, ATF SP III , ATF SP IV. Discount prices and promotional sale on all Transmission Fluids.