Brake fluid tester

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The digital brake fluid tester is ideal for testing the moisture content in any brake fluid sample.

Developed for professional use in automotive servicing and repair . It has one major drawback – due to its . Compact digital brake fluid tester Brake fluid quality by LED-indication ( water in brake fluid) Suitable for DOT- DOT-and DOT-5. Digital brake fluid tester suitable for determining brake fluid quality. Quality is tested and indicated on five LEDs showing percentage of water in the brake fluid.

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Free delivery on eligible orders. Quickly determines percentage of moisture in brake. Re yellow and green indicator lights for easy readings.

The FERODO brake fluid tester , FFT100A, is suitable also for use in racing environments. Download the pdf here below which illustrates the main characteristics . Stay safe and know that your car is in top condition is most important. Ideally, brake fluid should be checked regularly and changed every one to two years. MAKE SURE IT STOPS WITH AUTOSTOP.

Finally know when you need to replace your brake fluid Moisture is the enemy of your brake system as brake fluid absorbs moisture Takes the guessing game . TMD Friction Services GmbH. Remove probe cap from brake fluid tester. Press power button on top of tester. Dip entire length of metal probes into brake fluid.

This ingenious tool is invaluable in the garage workshop for testing the quality of brake fluid. Testing for moisture content in the fluid by resistance to. Catch bad brake fluid before it destroys calipers and other brake system components.

Grainger’s got your back. Log-in or register for . As part of the Bendix Test Pilot Program we show how to test your brake fluid with the proper tools, in the correct way. A simple tool for testing the percentage of water in brake fluid essential for regular safety checks on your brakes Green Battery OK No water found.

Tester determines quality of brake fluid.