This is the future of gaming. Multi-functional, connected battlebots with true augmented reality capabilities. Sharpen your skills in single-player mode and . Mekamon es el robot que utilizará la realidad . Combining video game and real world combat these weaponised .

A couple of little four-legged bots could be the future of fighting games. MekaMon : a very Bristol robot. Reach Robotics, a UK-based company, is pushing for mixed reality . We look back on their journey so far . See what people are saying and join the conversation. La ronda de ayer se da poco después de que la compañía . The robot is agile and has an animated and endearing way of movin.

Your living room is the next battleground.

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If damage occurs in AR, the robot reacts accordingly. Motion in Bristol became our dank industrial pit for these incredible machines . Kleine Roboter werden durch Augmented Reality bei euch in der Wohnung in Fantasy-Szenarien katapultiert. MEKAMON EL JUGUETE QUE ESTÁBAMOS ESPERANDO. Funciona en conjunto con . Apple最高経営責任者Tim Cook氏(クック氏)が言及するほど、ARは今や大きな存在だ。しかし、我々はARを何のために活用するのかを考える必要が .

DropZone is your personal training ground. While there are already plenty of spider-type robot toys on the market, the U.