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How to MOT your vehicle, MOT fees table, what the certificate covers, MOT. Forgotten your MOT due date? You just need your registration number. Then book your MOT with us from £19.

IF you fail to renew your MOT by its due date you could be hit with a £0fine – as well as putting your car insurance at risk. No hay descripciones de este resultado disponibles debido al archivo robots.

Unsure whether your MOT is due ? Use our free handy checker to find out when your MOT is due. Drivers win at Confused. The MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust. MOT advice and information service. With few exceptions, vehicles over three years old must undergo . We think this service will be useful for MOT testers and their customers when checking MOT expiry dates.

One of the frustrations for testers is . If the vehicle is tested within the calendar month prior to when the MOT is due , the test certificate will run from the date of the test to one year after the expiry date.

The biggest issue with driving your car when it is past due for its. Two major groups representing businesses working in the motor trade have voiced worries that many drivers . Every vehicle in the UK needs to be tested each year to ensure that. Register for our Reminder Service.

If your car is three years old or over you must have an MOT test carried out annually. The statistics show that thousands of cars fail their MOT test due to faults on . Use these online tools to see if your MoT , road tax and car insurance. When is your MOT test due ? In most parts of the UK, cars over three years old need to be tested each year. Currently, vehicles aged three years or over must be tested each year. We know how much your Audi means to you, . You can find the expiry date of your MOT on your existing MOT test certificate and you can have your vehicle MOT tested up to days in advance.

Need to Check when your MOT is due ? Then search for your nearest Approved Garage to complete the MOT. You may receive an MOT reminder prior to your due date via e-mail. Sorry to have to say this but anyone who does not know when and how often an MOT is required should not be driving on our roads. You can book an MOT up to days in advance of its due date.

Vehicle tax and MOT status lookup.

MOT due to simple things such as faulty bulbs, too little tyre trea or even empty windscreen washer fluid bottles. If you have questions on MOT due dates or other concerns, read our MOT FAQ.