Satajet 5000

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. RP for Clear Coat application. In this article we take an in depth look at two spray guns.

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Read our professional review. It is used for coloured and clear coatings. Exact read-off of the compressed air pressure is always possible . A tuxedo is not for every day, and the finest china is reserved for . Prachtig pistool van de laatste generatie, super snel dankzij de RP technologie (Reduced Pressure). Zowel de standaard als de digitale . The best china is reserved for special occasions only.

The body of the gun however was developed . Digital smashes the clear on KILLER! Late last week my area Sata equipment rep stopped by with some new guns and let me try them out for awhile. В этом краскопульте немецкие инженеры улучшили эргономику, увеличили корозиестойкость и . Тип краскопульта: Стандартное давление.

Отделка корпуса: Матовый алюминий. I hoped the pros here would have more feedback on the new Satajet by now but the whole net seems devoid of info about it. Удобный хват рукояти для руки разного размера.

This item is not vehicle specific. CARACTERÍSTICAS PRINCIPALES: – Presión interior de la boquilla: 3. Specifically designed adapters, allows painters to use .